Daadi Gets Shot while Saving Chakor! #Udaan

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on February 26th, 2015 at 3:40 pm

In tonight's episode we see Ishwar arriving at the spot when tension is at its peak at the ‘Satyagrah’. He announces that there are some unwanted goons who have mixed in the crowd to disrupt the peaceful protest. Eveeyone is asked to stand in a line and Ishwar starts inspecting everyone to catch hold of the goons. One goon from the crowd throws a stone at Ishwar and the latter starts bleeding profusely. It is havoc as the stones are now being pelted from all sides and everyone is running abruptly.

Kasturi and Abha take Ishwar to their house to give him the first-aid. Lakhan sees a golden opportunity and doesn’t wanna miss this chance. He picks up the gun and aims at Chakor and shoots! He misses. The havoc  goes out of control after the gunshot being fired. Manohar is extremely frustrated and takes the gun in his hands and aims at Chakor. Daadi notices this horrifying sight and she runs in aid of Chakor. Manohar pulls the trigger and Daadi falls in Chakor’s arms. The bullet has hit Daadi and it’s a complete mayhem. Manohar is stunned. The news of Daadi being shot instead of Chakor as reached Kamal and this news doesn’t affect ruthless Tejaswini one bit.

Will Daadi be able to survive the gunshot? Or will the Gandhian make a sacrifice of her life?

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