Consensus vs. Chaos! Synopsis, Day 85

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Day 85 in the Bigg Boss house is all about flaring tempers and rising tension as contestants welcome another day isolated from the outside world in the Bigg Boss house. Even as the housemates wake up in the morning, little do they realize that today will be yet another unforgettable day!


Dimpy continues to struggle with the captaincy especially when it comes to allotment of house-work responsibilities as Upen, Karishma and Sonali refuse to accept the work that is being assigned to them. While Dimpy is assured that Upen does not consider her as the captain of the house, Karishma and Sonali have problems accepting duties to prepare breakfast in addition to their other kitchen responsibilities.                                                                                                                                                                 However, Dimpy’s confusion on how to deal with the situation at hand comes to an end when Bigg Boss announces the nominations procedure. As a part of the process, the housemates are required to go into the confession room in pairs  and mutually decide upon a name who they would like to nominate for evictions. Sonali and Pritam go to the confession room first. They are followed by Karishma and Puneet. Ali and Praneet continue with their entertaining streak even during the nominations procedure and create some funny moments. However, when Upen and Gautam enter the confession room, havoc breaks lose!

Gautam and Upen argue over their options for nomination and blame each other for getting influenced by other contestants. Upen gets upset when Gautam comments sarcastically that he is aware of Upen’s stardom and kept humming Upen’s debut song Oh Oh Aashiqui Main Teri! Upen loses his cool upon hearing this taunt and after an anger outburst storms out of the confession room while continuing to abuse Gautam for trying to talk down to him. Gautam, however, controls his temper and tells Bigg Boss that from his end, it was an attempt at humour which clearly failed. After multiple summons from Bigg Boss to come to the confession room and repeated requests from other housemates, an angry Upen finally agrees to go to the confession room, only to fight with Gautam once again.

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