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Week after week, the excitement on Colors takes your curiosity meter a notch higher. Last week on Colors was no different as there was solid action drama in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi when Shikhar attacks Ranvir and Sushim points the sword in front of Chanakya. In case you missed out on any of the major happenings last week, just say ‘All Is Well’ and check out the blog below:

1.) Superstar Of The Week:




Sunil Grover has been tickling the audiences’ funny bone with his portrayal of various characters on the much loved Comedy Nights With Kapil. Gutthi Grover (as many are calling him now) is our superstar of the week as the Sharma Family would be incomplete without him. He plays the character of Bittu Sharma’s Saasuma, Sasurji, ‘the orchestra guy’ and the much loved Gutthi.  An extremely versatile actor and a very popular character on Colors with many faces, meet our superstar of the week Sunil Grover. Watch Gutthis many faces right here!

2.) Shocking Scene Of The Week:




Things just got hotter between these two boys! It was definitely a shocker when Shikhar lost his cool and attacked Ranvir as the latter was blaming Ishani for things which weren’t certainly true. The face-off between the two Aashiqs of Ishani was something not to be missed! If you missed it, watch it here now! 

3.) Talent Of The Week:




Guess who just got even more Famous?  It was not only a surprise for the Famous group who made it straight to the semi finals of India’s Got Talent 6 as they got the fourth Golden Buzzer from the judges but was a huge surprise for the audiences. Now, that’s what we call getting famous in style! Watch their performance right here!

4.) Dramatic Scene Of The Week:


ashoka ner

Just after one would have thought that all the action and the thrilling drama was over on the field as the race came to an end in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Guess what? It wasn’t. Bindusara was about to name Sushim the General Of Magadh but Chanakya intrudes and advices him to wait for the child to grow up and become more responsible. Hearing this Sushim loses his cool and attacks Chanakya pointing the sword towards him.

5.) Entertainment Ka Weekly Dose:


cnwk madhu lauren


It was entertainment ke double dose on Comedy Nights With Kapil as the evergreen Madhuri Dixit makes it a Hat-trick on the show for the third time. And the cast of Welcome To Karachi starring Arshad Warsi, Jacky Bhagnani and Lauren Gottlieb made the evening even more hilarious.

6.) Scene That Made Us Fall In Love:




Even though little Chakor battles the hardships of her life every moment, she makes sure she spreads love amongst her close ones. This moment surely made us go ‘aww’ when Arjun Sir was about to leave for Lucknow in order to find out the truth about Bhagya and Chakor gave him a goodbye kiss and a sweet tight hug. In-cue *Awwww*

7.) Villian Of The Week:




Last week in Balika Vadhu we saw some real drama between father Akheraj Singh and his daughter Kamli who ran away because he was against her decision to marry Gopal. This made Akheraj Singh angry and his actions guaranteed him a spot as our Villain of the week!

Don’t forget to share your favorite moments from the past week with us in the comments below.

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