Colors' Weekly Roundup

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It was a colorful week indeed on Colors as we saw a lot of entertainment, a lot of drama and a lot of talent over the weekend! A brand new season with never seen before and unlimited talent was showcased on India’s Got Talent season 6. Here is a quick recap of the moments you shouldn't have missed.

1.) Star Of The Week: 


Ashoka without a doubt is the star of the week as he overcame all the hurdles that he was put into by Sushim during the course of the race. Ashoka showed his determination and finished the race facing all the difficulties and more importantly was a very fair competitor. 

2.) Shocking Scene Of The Week:



It was a moment of shock to Bhaiya ji as he could not believe his eyes when Chakor was protected by Bhagya . Bhaiya ji was once again about to hurt Chakor and Bhagya comes in between and takes Chakor in her arms.

3.) Talent Of The Week:


It was a weekend where unlimited talent was showcased on India’s Got Talent as season six was launched on Saturday. It was special as Akshay Kumar was present as a special guest and not only that, he also went on to perform one of the best acts of the weekend which was the underwater act with contestant Jaydeep Gohil.

4.) Entertainment Ka Weekly Dose:


It was a flight back from London as the Sharma family decided to finally return back home. The in-flight crew hostess played by Raju Shrivastav was so hilarious and entertaining that we couldn't stop ROFL'-ing!.  Kalki was also on the show to promote her new movie Margarita with a Straw.

5.) Dramatic Scene Of The Week:


The endless drama between Dadi and Nani went a notch higher as in the span of 20 long years for the first time, Nani was forced to offer 'paan' to Dadi on the occasion of 'Nabho Barsho.'

6.) Scene That Made Us Fall In Love:


A brand new love story is in the making and it was a very cute moment where Shikhar looks at Ishani and has flashbacks about the above scene. This is the moment where all the MATSH fans can go ‘awww’.

7.) Villian Of The Week:


As the suspense continues in Sasural Simar Ka the good-boy-turned-bad Aryan, who is the killing machine right now, is our villain of the week. He attacked Simar and is on a killing spree and has left everyone in the Bhardwaj family speechless, stunned and shocked.

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