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posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on April 6th, 2015 at 6:17 pm

Last week Colors audiences witnessed epic drama as most of the shows played some story-changing highlights. From Ishani and Ranvir’s close hit-and-miss to Chakor getting caught cheating in exams to Gadodia family finding out that Swara and Ragini are sisters! Each plot gave us a dramatic glimpse in the exciting times that lie ahead! Here are this week’s noteworthy highpoints, tell us if you agree with us!

1.Shocking scene of the week:

An innocent Chakor was determined to ace her exams and study with utmost dedication but sadly a trick by Suraj and Tejaswini portrayed her to be withholding chits in the exam! We’re as shocked as you to see a girl Chakor get caught for such a crime!

2.Dramatic Scene of the Week: (13)

Lucky comes with the intention to talk to Ragini and Swara even helps out the two but unfortunately the trio gets stuck when the family thinks there’s a burglar in the house and start the search to hunt them down. Amidst all chaos and blame game Swara blurts out to Dida that she is Shekhar’s daughter and this dramatic revelation puts her in shock!


3.Emotional Scene of the Week:


Last week the show Sasural Simar Ka took a leap of 6 months post Sidhant died in a car crash. While we see Roli still able to cope with the loss but Simar, Amar and Calendar are adamant to find the truth about Sidhant’s demise. In a scene in which we see Roli celebrating Sidhant's birthday she gets to watch a video message left by him. The scene was a real tear-jerker for RoSid! 


4.Scene that made us fall in love: (12)

While Ranvir is under the belief that Ishani died in jail, but it is his gut feeling that keeps telling him that she’s around him. And he couldn’t be further away from the truth! The past week there have been many hit-and-miss moments between these two and seeing them so close made our hearts flutter in anticipation! Maybe this is what true love does to you, right?


5.Thrilling action of the week:

It’s the Finale week in KKK 6 and we couldn’t be more excited! Last weekend we witnessed the grueling action of the Semi Finale and this particular stunt called ‘Jeet Hai Hum Shaan Se’ had us one the edge of our seats! Rohit’s favorite, a car stunt, in this task we saw Sana and Rashmi trying to push their cars on to a ramp and almost topple down. Woah!

6.Entertainment ka Weekly Dose:


Or should we say Hotness ka Dose?! Past week we saw sensational Sunny Leone promote her upcoming movie EK Paheli Leela with our Kapil and family. Must say, her Desi Look shot up the hotness meter of the show!


7.Villain of the Week:


In the race to win the prestigious sword, Sushim is doing his evil best to fail his competitor Ashoka. He is doing everything in his power to stop Ashoka from reaching the training rounds. He sure seems to be a tough nut!


8.Star of the Week:

So close to the finale and its Khiladi Iqbal Khan who has caught all our attention! Did you know he has been the only Khiladi to have played the elimination stunt maximum number of times in this season and still come out surviving? Well played! And just like always this week too he was in the elimination stunt and the last one to make it to the Top 8! As they say, “Haar ke Jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hai!”
Which were your favorite moments from the week gone by? Tell us in the comments below!

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