Code Red takes on the psychological ailments that can break a marriage!

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Even today, it is no surprise to hear of brides been harassed by in-laws in Metros as well as remote Villages. Tonight in Code Red we will take on the ever prevailing issue, rather the blame game played by either the girl or the boys family who are in a marriage. Sometimes the girl is compelled to give up not only hopes but also their lives after succumbing to the physical, emotional and psychological torment.  And then there is another face of this reality, where the girl masterminds the separation and alimony.  But, the case stydy today brings out the third aspect!

In today’s episode, we will see how Sarika, claims to be stalked and harassed by her husband Ashok and her mother-in-law. Suppressed under their orthodox practice and pestering, Sarika tries to end her life.  Dr Bhaskar and Ashima get to know of her attempt and get in touch with her. However, they feel Sarika’s claims about Ashok stalking her and cheating on her at the same time, to be blown out of proportion.

To get to the root of the problem, Dr Bhaskar and Ashima meet Sarika’s parents and then Ashok, after which the story takes a unique twist. Dr Bhaskar learns that Sarika is Bipolar because of which she had such delusions and is suicidal.

Will Dr Bhaskar be able to help  Ashok  accept this reality? Will Ashok be able to acknowledge his wife’s illness not only in front of his mother but in front of society?  Will Sarika be able to accept her ailment and get over her delusions and desire to commit suicide?


Watch in tonight’s episode of Code Red. 

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