CNBTaaza Gang and Jhalak's Bachcha Party on Bigg Boss 10

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on October 16th, 2016 at 5:03 pm

Season’s best treat has arrived. The Santa Claus of entertainment is hitting the town tonight at 9PM on our screens. While we have to wait and watch which celebrities and commoners are going to enter this house, we will also catch a glimpse of the mad fun that the CNBTaaza gang and JDJ9 kids on BB10.




Mona, Sudesh and Krushna will dance to Aaj Ki Party and pull each other’s leg to kick-start the BB10 with some great fun. Salman, who loves comedy, will thoroughly enjoy their gags and show his funny streak too. From talking about the concept of the show and fantastic comical punch lines, this gang will exhibit a perfect chemistry of fun.





And this is not all, JDJ9 kids are going to land with their dancing shoes on BB10 too. Everyone, is in complete awe of these little rockstars on JDJ9 already, and now they are here to spread their charm on BB10. They will dance to a mash up of Poonam ke Chaand, Dhinka Chika, Udann Chhu, Dhating, Aaj ki Party, Chaar Shanivaar. Their innocence and enthusiasm will own everyone’s attention. Salman will be stunned at their talent and will shake a leg with them too. He will even sweetly take up their demands and he dance to Jag Ghoomeya with Preetjot, Pandey Ji  for Gracy and will even take dips with Spandan on his back. Salman truly is a ‘baade-dil-wala’ entertainer.






And here’s something for your G.E.K. (general-entertainment-knowledge) – The story behind the famous hook step in Pandey Ji- At some wedding someone was doing the same step and the music duo- Sajid & Wajid were copying him, that’s where the step hails from.




Well, what can we say, Bigg Boss Dus, will be your new tour guide to- General Entertainment Knowledge.

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