Children's Special This Weekend!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on February 10th, 2017 at 12:35 pm

The first LIVE Indian singing reality TV show ‘Rising Star’ started off with a bang, drawing in viewers from all corners of India to cheer for all the talented singers performing on stage. It’s a unique show where people from all walks of life come to prove their mettle and gain the recognition they deserve. The judges are the people of India as they hold the bulk of the power to decide the contestants’ fate with the experts weighing in to provide their critique.

Last time, we were treated to a ‘Playback singers’ special episode where we saw some phenomenal performances. Now be ready to witness another special episode which will focus on children.
Screenshot (11)These children have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of music while looking up to their role models hoping to one day be just as good as them. This show will give them a chance to do just that and showcase their talent and be the ‘Rising stars’ they aim to be. Children are our future and they will be the torchbearers of our generation.
IMG_2102‘Rising Star’ is the perfect stage to give them an opportunity to realise their dreams and go on to become future singing stars. The Wall is the only thing standing between them and their dreams and the power to control it rests upon the people of India.

Do your part and tune in to Colors Sat-Sun at 9PM to watch them perform and vote to share your love and support.


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