Character of Bua is like an award for me: Upasana Singh

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Buaji, finally aapko dulha mil gaya?
Haanji, mujhe dulha mil gaya. Ab ye twaanty two year old hot and sexy ladki reserve ho gayi hai, mujha pata hai isse bahut logo ke dil toot jayenge but shaadi to main kisi ek se hi kar sakti hun na. 
Kahan se mila ye dulha aapko?
Ye na koi bahut bada bhai hai jo humara ghar lootne aya tha par vo mere saamne aake khud hi lut gaya. Ab main kya bataun mera jalwa hai hi aisa.
Kya kya qualities dekhi aapne?
Mujh jaise hot and glamorous ladki ki bas 2 hi shart hai: pehli ki jisse mein shaadi karun vo ladka ho aur dusri ki vo zinda ho.
How are the wedding preparations going on?
Zor-shor se tayyari chal ri hain. It is going to be a star-studded wedding. Lakho logo ke message aa re hain mujhe. Saturday ko mehendi  and Sunday ko Shaadi.
So will bua leave Bittu’s house or bua’s husband will stay in Bittu’s house?
This is going to be suspense; you have to watch the episode for that.
Where do you get so much energy from?
I have been attached to stage shows from a long time. I love performing on stage and it is close to my heart. Acting was my hobby and later it became my profession. I never get tired of acting. I work with 100 per cent honesty and dedication. My work gives me satisfaction. Also, when people tell me that they love me and wait for me, I automatically get energy to perform in front of them.
When Comedy Nights With Kapil started, did you ever think it would become such a big hit?
When we started the show it was only planned for 26 episodes. But from the second episode the TRP hit the peak. We never thought it would become such a big hit. After that, we all picked up as characters Bittu, dadi, bua and everyone. Today when people talk about any bua first name that comes to their mind is Upasana Singh. It’s very difficult to get that kind of popularity. It’s once in a lifetime thing. It is like an award for me.
Where does your strength lie?
My strengths have been my late mother and my sister. Whatever I have achieved in my life so far is because of them. I come from a Sikh family where mostly girls were not allowed to become a part of film industry but my mother and my sister went out of their way to help me financially and emotionally. There were times in my life when I was depressed, they both helped me to get out of it. My mother passed away five years back but I believe her blessing is still with me. I feel she is looking at me with a smile. Also, I have always been God-fearing since I was brought up in a very religious atmosphere. I believe it’s God who has helped me come so far.
Is bua married in real life?
Yes, I am married to Neeraj Bhardwaj, he is also a TV actor. We both come from the same profession so he really understands me well.
How is your husband’s reaction to bua’s popularity?
Initally, he found it strange as I was always the point of joke. But as the show picked up, I started getting real proposals for marriage. People started appreciating me so now he is happy about it.
Bua style message for your fans?
Ye twaanty two year old hot, sexy and glamorous ladki ki shaadi bade hi dhoom dhaam se hone wali hai. Aap log meri shaadi mein aane ke lie tayyar ho jaiye. So guys, are you ready for my marriage!

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