Chandrakanta and Veer re-unite as lovers, will Iravati spare them this time?

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This weekend the story of Chandrakanta will continue from the point where Veer and Chandrakanta go far away from their palace. Veer gets his partial memory back but this puts Chandrakanta into thoughts, she believes this could be one of the tricks of Iravati.





Veer then takes Chandrakanta to a magical hut and there he offers her a potion of truth. The two come closer to one another once again and Veer thanks the potion for the same.



On the other hand Iravati and Dhruv look for Chandrakanta and Veer, they finally see them, also find out that they are deeply in love with each other.





Chandrakanta and Veer when get to know this; try escaping from the place. Iravati tries to get Veer back through the control of magical bracelet. But does she get successful? Or Veer and Chandrakanta manage to flee from the scene?





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