Champions tried to conquer the task in day 1

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The Luxury budget task this week is named- Yeh tera ghar yeh yeh mera ghar, wherein the housemates are divided into two teams with Challengers and Champions, having their usual members in the respective teams. It was told that the task had different segments but the main game was to make both the teams compete with each other in order to capture maximum area in the house claiming those to be their personal ‘ilaaka’. The areas like- Garden, washroom, living room and Kitchen! 

Like Bigg Boss already declared previously that Champions would always get certain privileges during the season which the challengers wouldn’t be able to avail, hence the task started off by Champions capturing in the entire house and if the challengers had to go or use a particular area they had to take permission and a visitor’s pass to do so. One challenger at a time in that particular area. The Garden area being the only place common and accessible to everyone without any permission.


The first task was for the garden area, wherein two trees stood tall with green fruits on one and red fruits on the other.Former being Champion’s tree and the latter one was Challenger's. The task was to steal fruits from the opposite team’s tree and save own from being stolen. Also, even if the fruits were stolen once, could be stolen again from the opposite team.

It was hilarious how they ran like monkeys here and there, and even climbed up in the tree to steal! I felt I was in some zoo! Karishma and Pritam made most of the privileges they received, by hiding the fruits in different areas of the house knowing very well that the opposite team had no access to the house except garden.The opposite team being quite aware tried to keep a proper notice on every move the champions made.The task was supposed to go on till the evening of the second day, but oh my God! All of a sudden it looked like game was over, and why wouldn’t it? The great players inside hurtled to do everything in one go! And here was it! Which team will be successful capturing maximum areas?


Who was the winner in first part of the task? Was there any fight?


Watch the Luxury budget task launch in tonight’s episode!


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