Challenger Ajaz 'Hall Bol' begins with a bang!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 31st, 2014 at 12:46 pm

Just as the new day began another round of surprises awaited the housemates. It seemed like a normal dat untill all of a sudden, there was a rally inside the house with some people from outside walking inside the house, campaigning for Ajaz and shouting, “Humara neta kaisa ho, Ajaz Khan jaisa ho.” Ajaz was then asked to lead the rally as people took a tour inside the house when housemates were asked to  freeze.

Just before this had to happen, Ajaz was called inside the confession room and told by Bigg Boss to make them all more curious what the entire ‘Halla Bol’ was all about. Ajaz was supposed to drop hints at them telking them that something very big was about to happen very soon in the house and also hinting at the other challengers, who were going to be inside the Big Boss house.


Though Ajaz couldn’t say everything, he was still asked to take their anticipation higher! Guess if Ajaz has already done so much in two days, what will the other 4 challengers bring along?


Watch the second day of freeze-release task tonight!



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