Chakor Reveals Ranjana's Game Plan Against Bhaiyaji

posted by Meenakshi Negi, last updated on February 5th, 2015 at 1:39 pm

Not really like Delhi, but it is election time in Azaadganj, much contrary to the name, as well. When it comes to playing ‘dirty politics’ there isn’t any state, city or village in the country that would have been lucky with not witnessing one. It is chakor’s dream that every child in the village goes to school and gets education. Bhaiyaji has promised all the villagers that if he wins the election, he will make sure every child in the village goes to school but Ranjhana, who is the candidate from the opposition and Bhaiyaji’s sister-in-law also has a master plan ready to make sure that the villagers lose their trust in Bhaiyaji.

Bhaiyaji had a bet to spent a night in the village and while he was resting in Bhuwan’s haveli, when Ranjhana secretly mixes ‘Channe Ka Saag’ in Tejaswini’s dinner knowing the fact that Tejaswini is allergic to the same. Tejaswini’s health immediately reacts to the food and she screams for help. Ranjhana takes advantage of this and tells everyone that this might be a heart attack and asks Manohar to go get Bhaiyaji back to the Haveli.

Chakor rushes for help with her mother’s medicine, which could reduce Tejaswini’s pain but Ranjhana stops her and does not attend to her until Bhaijyaji is back. Bhaiyaji comes back with a doctor but before he reaches, Chakor gives the medicine to Tejaswini and she feels alright. By the time all this is done it is almost the time for sunrise and Ranjhana tells Bhaiyaji that he has lost the bet and the voting is to start the same morning. Chakor tells Bhaiyaji that she wanted to give the medicine earlier to Tejaswini but Ranjhana stopped her from doing so. Manohar screams at Chakor and asks her to go and get water for everyone.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Chakor hears Girja talking about how Ranjhana mixed the ‘Channe Ka Saag’ and gave it to Tejaswini on purpose. Also, Vivan wakes up and sees his mother Ranjhana giving a lot of money to the doctor for coming late because she had asked him to do so and goes and tells this to Chakor. Chakor now knows the game plan and she rushes to the village to tell the villagers the truth about Ranjhana’s game plan and how Bhaiyaji was tricked into the whole plan.

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