Chakor Ka Challenge #Udann

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on March 27th, 2015 at 2:01 pm

Today in Udann, we see a hope of justice for Chakor but in the end it is all down to dirty politics. Chakor has been asked to meet the board of directors of the school of which ‘Bhaiyaji’ is obviously the head. ‘Bhaiyaji’ asks Chakor to name the brats, who locked her insinde the classroom and not to be scared about anything as he will make sure they are taught a lesson.

Meanwhile, we saw how  Tejaswini had threatened Chakor befor leaving for school that if she takes Suraj's name in front of the school principal, she will make her life even more miserable. But, Chakor is one fearless girl, who goes ahead and points at Suraj and gang for locking her inside the classroom.

 The master plan was ready with Bhaiyaji and he proves Chakor to be a liar in front of everybody. Chakor is humiliated and she is asked to sit on the last bench in the class. Chakor does not take this lie easily and challenges everyone that one day she will make sure all of the other classmates ask her to sit in the first bench and that will prove her honesty.

 Will Chakor sit at the first bench? Will she be able to remove the fake liar tag out on her?

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