Chakor Gets Ragged At School #Udann

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Little Chakor has faced many hurdles in her life and has emerged as a winner everytime. But, things seem to have gone way out of control at school for Chakor. Since the first day at school till now Chakor has been facing a new challenge at school not in the way of learning or adapting anything but finding a true friend or a support at school. Chakor has been laughed upon, humiliated in front of other students and has been ragged a lot of times but, Chakors fighting spirit and the courage to learn is inspirational. Here are some moments where little Chakor was ragged and laughed upon by the other students.


1.) Chakor is helpless as her notebook pages are torn and thrown in the air.




2.) Students empty their ink pens on Chakors school uniform




3.) Chakor becomes the laughing stock at school




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