Caught! Ranvir and Ishani on a secret movie date! #MATSH

posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on March 3rd, 2015 at 5:15 pm

Ranvir has asked Ishani out for a movie so the two can spend some time alone. But unfortunately the families don’t seem in a mood to leave them alone! To prove that Amba and Kailash are no oldies, Ranvir’s parents have also decided to celebrate Valentine’s and are going for a movie. Uh-oh!

While all four reach the theatre, there’s another entry which might just disturb the evening plans! Chirag will also be seen entering the theatre in a garb of a ‘Sikh man’ and has a vicious plan to kill RV. Through an unfortunate turn of events Amba-Kailash are seated right next to Ranvir-Ishani in the theatre and when the lights go off one or two times Ranvir accidentally touches Amba’s hands instead of Ishani. When this happens repeatedly Kailash loudly objects to it, and on the other hand we see Chirag approaching RV with a knife to kill him!

But then the lights are turned on and there’s a loud gasp! Do you think Chirag manages to hurt RV? And do Amba and Kailash find out about Ranvir and Ishani’s secret movie date? 

Catch this thrilling episode tonight at 10PM only on Colors!

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