Bridging the gaps through Snapdeal task!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 22nd, 2015 at 1:20 pm

Yes, one more task. But, this task brought a chance for the special ones to bridge the gaps between their relationships through online Snapdeal shopping.


Bigg Boss sent a letter inside the house, which spoke of the four members inside the house – Karishma,Upen, Rahul and Dimpy getting a special chance to gift each other. Aadmi itne aur gift sirf chaar? Bohot naainsaafi hai! I heard Ali also calling out in his typical style “Humne kya kiya hai!!”


There was a large monitor placed outside that displayed the items, which one could gift their loved ones. Karishma was seen buying a T-Shirt with something nice mesage scribbled over it, while Rahul bought a beautiful Saree for Dimpy, reminiscing the day of their wedding when Dimpy looked the prettiest of all! Awww…


But! I won't  reveal what Upen and Dimpy bought for their special someones. The activity didn’t just end here, but there was another surprise awaiting just the next day!


What was that? Oh no! I will have another sleepless night today!




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