Breaking: Sonali slaps Ali! Second segment of judgement day cancelled

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This was the moment when Puneet had to choose two names amongst all, whom he wanted to punish, for the judgement day. Puneet went on explaining why would he choose one and why wouldn’t the other. Taking the example of Ali he said that he wouldn't choose Ali because in past he has done several things which have hurt the dignity and sentiments of women inside the house. According to him, if he chose Ali to be punished, Ali would stand guilt free, if her serves the punishment which he didn’t want. And that was it! All of a sudden, the two got into a brawl infuriating the situation further. To an extent that both of them threatened each other to disclose many secrets!


Just at that very moment Puneet gathered them all in the bedroom and asked Ali to reapeat the comment he made about Sonali when Lisa Haydon entered the house. The remark were so disgraceful and lewd that Sonali got shocked to hear what was being talked about behind her back and she left no moment in going upto Ali and placing a tight slap right on his face! Everyone was dumb struck when Ali took the opportunity to blow it out of proportion and made it into a very big deal claiming that he suffered physical violence inside the house, which was strictly prohibited in the rule book! All the housemates stood united against him, Ali threatened to leave the house if severe action wasn’t taken against Sonali.


There was full on chaos as Ali tried climbing up the roof and running away. Just then Big Boss stopped him and called him inside the confession room. Ali looked traumatized as the entire house stood against him, he complained of severe pain on the head. He in fact even lied down shivering on the floor of confession room, when a doctor was called and Ali was shifted him from there.


Big Boss later announced that the second part of the judgement was called off for the day. Only question that floated across everyone's face was who would Bigg Boss take the action against? Ali or Sonali? Was Ali really so petrified that it lead to such a trauma? Where did he go? What was housemates take on all this?


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