Breaking: Karishma wants to go home badly and leave the game-show!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 15th, 2014 at 5:32 pm

KT had been taking enough brunt from all sides for past two days. She actually felt left out and helpless while being grilled emotionally by almost everyone as they talked about her mean behaviour. Being in absolute isolation, she realized how everything was turning against her. Also Upen, her only friend was in melancholy, and couldn’t not around to empathize her.

She walked upto a camera and shared that her next week was her birthday and how she didn’t want to stay any longer inside the hous. She said she wanted to celebrate ‘The-Day’ with her family and friends, who actually stand by her during her thick and thin. She honestly confessed she would be extremely happy if she got evicted that weekend as she would get to meet them all, who love her for who she is! She looked absolutely miffed with everyone in the house.

Late, Karishma explained Dimpy how was the makeup saga exaggerated over the limits in her case. She basically tried showing how giving she is, and that she did everything because Gautam requested her to give her makeup to release Puneet from the task and she understood his sentiments. But, Gautam’s mean act hurt her terribly.

Can’t say if Dimpy understood her emotions, although she nodded with a sympathizing look!


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