Bravo! Ashoka rescues his guru Chanakya - Read On!

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on June 18th, 2015 at 8:39 pm

It is celebration time In Pataliputra for Ashoka and team as in the 99th episode of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, guru Chanakya is finally rescued by none other than his disciple Ashoka himself! 

After a long and determined struggle to find Chanakya, tackling all the hurdles and living in disguise to fool the guards, the very brave Ashoka finally rescues Chanakya who was kidnapped and declared dead by Helena. 

Ashoka puts on a moustache and wears the attire of a soldier to fool the guards in his efforts to reach Chanakya. Ashoka's efforts have not gone in vain as he changes into Vasunandhan's clothes and makes the guards unconscious by the Acacia thorns and manages to find his guru Chanakaya who is lying unconscious. Ashoka tries to wake him up but when Chanakya doesn't move, he quickly hides his face and takes him to the palace for help. Watch the spoiler video of Ashoka rescuing Chankaya right here.

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