Boys take some chill pill!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 20th, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Just a day before the Weekend ka Vaar, all the boys in the house jumped into the swimming pool. Well,  that’s the only day wherein they release all the stress and tension they have been piling up since the beginning of the week. So except Pritam, and Upen (who is anywas not interested in this group) all the men enjoyed the party in the pool which was no less than a vacation in Patayya! While others were chilling, Puneet and Gautam chose to flex and pump up their muscles inside the pool. No wonder without getting sufficient protein supplements they have managed to stay fit despite losing so much weight.

 Post that, they all lay in the garden for a good sun bath and massage. I am sure Gauti was missing Diandra! But the boys seem to be giving some competition to the girls in the house who seemingly are more carefree as far as fitness os concerned*Khi Khi Khi*

Let them soak.the sun while I go and check whose turn is it to be the victim of Weekend ka VAAR by Salman ji!


Catch naya Weekend ka Vaar tonight!


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