Blame is the only game after 3 months!

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It’s just too annoying to hear them fight early in the morning when all one wants is to enjoy a nice cup of chaai! Ali, who is known as the best captain so far, has been in true form ever since he became the captain for the third time! The only housemate to create a hattrick in captaincy so far. He had already started giving his famous punishments, but this time he was actually frustrated with Sonali’s attitude. She once again missed to clean the loo as a part of her weekly duty and this really got onto his nerves. He started arguing with her and asked her to co-operate with other housemates until she was in the house as nobody wanted to work, but they

still were. Sonali said *“Main tang aa chuki hun mujhe ghar jana hai,” On hearing this, Ali said  everyone had reached saturation level including him, and everyone wanted to go home not just her!
Another fight happened the same evening between Upen and Pritam, and the story goes like this- Sonali gave tap water to Upen to drink (they have been having grudges against each other for quite sometime now) hence this rubbed him the wrong way and Karishma like always stood against Sonali supporting her friend. Pritam trying to ease things out between them told Sonali not to repeat this and said ‘He loves you’, Pritam made this statement referring in a very friendly manner, but god knows what happened to angry young man Upen, that he started shouting at Pritam saying not to get involved in between and he answered back saying “I don’t love her!”,this put Pritam completely in shock as he said that Upen had actually gone crazy for overreacting on everything.  Let’s hope this doesn’t prolong,looking at Pritam’s anger I am not too sure if he would let the matter go so easily.

Let’s ask Salman Khan to care of them today! (winks)


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