Blame game begins in the Bigg Boss house after the housemates lose the entire prize money of the winner!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on November 9th, 2017 at 1:37 pm

Bigg Boss denounced the housemates for their luxury budget task performance.





In fact in tonight’s episode we will see how Bigg Boss punishes Benafsha for her act of pulling Akash’s hair during one of the fights that happened a couple of days back. Bigg Boss not only orders her to go into the jail but also nominates her for the weekend’s eviction. Benafsha seems really upset after this.






But a big argument breaks out when Bigg Boss asks the housemates to decide which two other housemates should be sent to the jail. Hence, when the topic of losing the entire prize money of the winner because of the failed luxury budget task comes into picture the housemates start pin pointing at each other. Hina says it was Vikas’s idea and the latter denies it up front.  Hina also takes Shilpa and Puneesh’s names to be sent to the jail.





A while later another argument happens between Hina and Mehjabi where the former blames Mehjabi that she has to get into everything that happens around. Mehjabi counter attacks saying, before blaming her Hina should herself reflect what all things she said during the task and what eventually she did. Mehjabi says Hina was the one who kept telling people that our acts will deduct winner’s prize money but she herself ended up being part of it.



Hina is later seen in the garden area alone crying; she says everyone has just made her the target when she hasn’t said things that she is being blamed for.



Keep watching the show to know what happens next in this whole game!

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