Bigg Boss welcomes Kapil Sharma and family to his house!

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Kapil and his family known for their funny antics are ready to bring the Bigg Boss house down! Kapil made an entry in the house with the song “Hum tum ek kamre mein bandh hon”.The entire set up inside the Bigg Boss house garden area was very close to Kapil’s very own house.Though THE couch was missing on which he usually interviews all his guest but not to forget this time Bittu and the family were the guests in the BB house!


Kapil started off with his quirky comments firstly asking why was the swimming pool there when there were no swimming scenes aired! I am sure this must have made the Bigg Boss wonder too.Then he went on asking, “Big Boss aapki shaadi hui hai?” and trust me everyone lend their ears to have an answer to this question which was still a mystery. Bigg Boss in a few seconds responded saying “Kapil,Bigg Boss iss waqt aapko isska jawaab dena uchit nahi samajhte.” Hahahaha! With Kapil around even Bigg Boss seems to be in a comical mood.


Sonali was the first housemate called on stage by Kapil and he asked her why does she feel she has become fat? To this Sonali answered, “Main ab thodi conscious ho gayi hun looks ko lekar,mere daant kharaab ho gaye hain,aur main moti bhi ho rahi hun”.


One of the highlights of today’s episode is certainly going to be Ali becoming Gutthi’s ‘Parchaayi'. And not to forget the 22-year-old sexy Buaa who kept her eyes glued on Punzz! And guess what, the two even danced on ‘Teri meri,meri teri prem kahaani hai mushkil’ and the macho man never looked so nervous before hahahaha!



Kapil even asked every contestant to make a sketch of Bigg Boss as per their imaginations.You won’t believe what all imaginations the housemates came up with!


Catch the Mahasangam of two of the biggest shows of Indian TV tonight 9pm to 11 pm


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