Bigg Boss spreads the Christmas cheer! Synopsis, Day 95

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It’s Christmas and the contestants wake up to a beautiful day filled with carols, bright festive lights, beautiful snowfall in the garden and gifts from Bigg Boss.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announces the Secret Santa task to extend the essence of the festival. Each member is asked to pick a chit which has  the name of another housemate to whom they would be a Secret Santa to and gift them an item of personal belonging as a Christmas present and give a reason for gifting that particular item. All housemates pick a chit and contemplate as to what would be a deserving gift for the recipient. 

With the arrival of Judgement day, comes the inevitable decision of rewards and punishments by the captain of the house. Bigg Boss beseeches Sonali to choose one member for a reward whom she thinks has outperformed the others in the luxury budget task ‘Bhavishyawani’. Pensively Sonali chooses Dimpy for the reward that entitles Dimpy to make any one member of the house her slave until further notice.

Later, Bigg Boss announces a talent show ‘Bigg Boss Got Talent Show’, where all housemates are asked to display their talents and entertain the special guests who would be attending the event at night. Bigg Boss instructs the housemates to perform 4 acts through which they can display their talents in mimicry, stand-up comedy, dance and poetry. Curiosity begins to consume the minds of the housemates as they prepare for their performances. The wait for the guests of the evening comes to an end, when to the surprise of all the members, sultry beauty Bipasha Basu and dashing Karan Singh Grover from the movie ‘Alone’ enter the Bigg Boss house to celebrate Christmas with the housemates. The engaging performances entertain and enthrall the guests, making it a Christmas to remember for all.  

Looking at how the previous weeks have unfolded, the housemates hadn’t imagined Christmas to be as joyous and momentous. Will the merriment continue in the weeks to come, as the housemates let go of all anguish and feelings of animosity on the day of Christmas?

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