Bigg Boss sends in a tough cookie to crack!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 24th, 2015 at 2:38 pm

Just after the lunch got over and everyone thought to quietly catch on some nap trying to escape from the cameras around, Bigg Boss sent a letter asking everyone to scribble down the name of the person along with reasons whom they felt not so appropriate to be the winner of the season.Woah! Now that was cruel Bigg Boss! Sheets were sent for everyone along with their names mentioned on the same.They got 15 minutes, and were strictly asked not to peep into someone else’s sheet. Yeah yeah! Exactly like the way we did in schools. Upen was asked to supervise! Oh no! (Not me this must have come in Oopi’s mind)

You won’t believe Gautam and Sambhavna scribbled without even lifting their heads up, and others too were totally into it. I so wanted to peep inside to see the names whom they couldn’t stand and to know whom they wanted to be thrown out. *Heehee* Believe you me, everyone was done and Gauti was still writing, God knows what? There was a point when I, along with Upen, felt like offering him an extra sheet if that was less. What the h**l did he write?? And what about Karishma? Who was sitting bang opposite Gauti?

Hmmm...This raaz will remain to be a raaz until something happens during the weekend. What was the reason behind this activity? Will Farah bring this topic out telling who was the actual enemy for that particular gharwala? Well, the rest of the evening they all kept themselves busy playing cricket, ahaan! Before you have further thoughts, they created their own bat using a spatula and a home-made ball too!

Aaj kisspe hoga Halla-bol? Don't miss the episode tonight @ 9pm!


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