Bigg Boss re-introduces the previous tasks with a twist!

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Tan tandaaa! We are now on level two of the Luxury Budet Task. Ali is now out of the immunity race, and the second level was the Hotel Task reloaded. This time the hotel guests were – Puneet, Praneet, Sonali, Ali and Upen whereas Pritam,Gautam, Dimpy and Karishma were the butlers. But there was just one safe for all the guests to keep their money in. The rule that only one butler could be given work at a time remained the same. As the alarm rang they all dispersed to do their individual duties. As the guests strategized whom to choose and whom to avoid, the butlers planned on how to do a bit of burglary.


Pritam and Dimpy seemed working truly hard to earn the maximum ammount, while others were just scheming and helping the two. I saw Pritam working for his guest Mr.Ali, polishing all his shoes. Ali looked very happy with Pritam's job and told him "Dil khush kar ditta." But Pritam was up with some other mischief altogether! As Ali went outside the bedroom for a while Pritam put water in all his shoes. And there Ali was praising how well and dedicated Pritam at his work!


As Pritam received his tip for the job, he winked at the camera hinting 'Mission Accomplished'! All the butlers had their turn to work for the guests.Who do think will win the Baazi proceeding ahead being still eligible for the immunity?


Stay tuned to watch the cut throat competition tonight at 9 pm!


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