Bigg Boss puts Genie in an App! Synopsis, Day 65

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For everyone in the 21st Century, our dependence on technology has gone above and beyond our expectations from humanity. And as Day 65 dawns in the Bigg Boss house, the exact amount of dependency that the contestants have on technology and how much they are willing to sacrifice for it will become open knowledge!

As noon approaches, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for the week called the App Task. As a part of this task, Upen and Renee are made the batteries of the house while the other contestants will be given an opportunity to explore the apps that are presented before them when Bigg Boss summons them to the activity area. For every app that the contestants use, they will consume some percentage of the battery. To recharge the battery, Upen and Renee will be required to take up tasks making them the most integral members of the house for the duration of the task. However, these batteries are also given the option to decline a recharge if they don’t want to perform the task set up before them. The contestants are made aware that if the battery drains out and reaches the zero mark, then the task will be deemed over and the housemates will lose the luxury budget for the coming week. Keeping this in mind, the contestants collectively decide that team spirit is the way to go to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to milk the apps to their best abilities.

As the task begins, Sonali is the first housemate to be invited to the Activity Room followed by Dimpy, Praneet, Diandra and Gautam. Sonali chooses to use two apps thereby consuming almost half of the battery at one go. Outside, the contestants are appalled to see the battery levels drop twice because Sonali has used up 42% of the battery. Sonali, who is very happy post her tryst with the apps, shows no remorse and states that she got what she wanted. Dimpy and Diandra are seen getting their share of the apps while Praneet struggles to understand whether he should stand in favour of or against the contestants when his turn arrives.

As the day progresses, the battery level continues to fall soon leaving just about 11 % to be consumed by the pending housemates. Tension soars around the house as the members are now intrigued to know what is in store for them. After a struggle-filled and chaotic recharge, Gautam becomes the next person to get a chance to enter the Activity Room and get his turn with the apps. And what do you think could be waiting for him? Gautam jumps up from the seat when he gets an option to meet his beloved mother who has been missing incredibly. After getting an eyeful of his mother through a TV, Gautam cannot control his emotions and pleads Bigg Boss to give him the chance to with his mother. Bigg Boss then informs an overwhelmed Gautam that she is in fact in the confession room and he can go up to her anytime he wants…but in exchange of some precious battery life.

Not worried about the consequences, Gautam runs through the house and charges into the confession room while all the housemates look at him dumbstruck! Finding his mother sitting in the room in front of him makes Gautam freeze mid-step as he digests the fact that she is really there in front of him! Letting go of all his bottled up emotions, Gautam bursts into tears and hugs his mother while enjoying the sweet moment of reunion. While the housemates can only assume what is going on with Gautam, he engages in a long-overdue conversation with his mother who he is meeting for the first time since he entered the Bigg Boss house 9 long weeks ago. Gautam, in fact, even states that the gift of meeting his mother goes beyond every negative experience that he has had in the house till date.

Clearly the Bigg Boss house has the ability to give the contestants what they really want especially when they least expect it. With some many happy memories being built on Day 1 of the App Task, we cannot help but wonder what Day 2 will bring for the contestants. Whose wishes will be fulfilled and who will have to turn around empty handed?

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