Bigg Boss makes P2G cry!

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After spending 15 weeks of intense emotions in the Bigg Boss house, housemates are getting a chance to watch their journey on the big screen! Pritam, Puneet, Gautam, Karishma, Ali, Dimpy and Sonali get to watch a special video consisting of happiness, sadness, anger and laughter and relive their best moments in the Bigg Boss house.

Starting off with Pritam's video, Bigg Boss showed how it took him 14 years to reach this platform and he has made it worthwhile. We've seen different facets of Pritam throughout the season - the funny guy who loves to crack jokes and lighten the situation, the teasing RJ who can't stop talking about his 'Bhabhis', the angry young man who stands by his friends and never backs down in tough situations and the 'caring family man' who keeps his wife and kids above all in life. Pritam has been one of the toughest contenders in Bigg Boss 8 and has remained true to his personality.

Coming on to Karishma, Bigg Boss commented on how she has always been perceived as the self-centered, selfish girl but there's an emotional side to her too which has come out in her journey. Karishma watched teary-eyed as all the moments in which she was either hurt in the game or when she was stopped from meeting her mother were played in front of her. The girl acts tough in front of everyone but when it comes to family and close friends, Karishma can't stop her tears from flowing!

Puneet, who has been considered in the role of the patriarch of Bigg Boss house, has had a tough journey with lots of ups and downs. Any time someone needed guidance it was Puneet who stood by and shared his wisdom with each housemate. But his anger and powerful personality always got the worst of him in tasks and was reminded about the time he lost his cool with Aarya and was disqualified from the game. But everything said and done, the Superman too has a heart as we rememeber seeing him cry when his wife came in to meet him! And let's not forget the strong relations he made with the P3G treating them all like his kids.

And then it was Gautam's turn to watch his journey and surely it has been a rollercoaster of emotions! He became the bad boy of the house post his incident with Karishma and from there on his image was considered tainted by the housemates anjd was often seen isolated by everyone else. But the immense love that he received from his fans always gave him the much required boost in Weekend ka Vaar episodes and when he got the opportunity to run Gautam City, the villain turned hero and Gautam made everyone say 'We love we love Gauti!' The boy surely had his charm among girls like Sonali and Diandra but the Simba-Mufasa bond that he made with Puneet is something, even according to Bigg Boss, that is going to be remembered for many more seasons to come!

As contestants watch such powerful emotions come into play, I can feel them as this journey has been a really fulfilling one! But before you think this is the end, picture abhi baak hai mere dost!  Sources confirm that Salman is bringing a never-seen-before twist in the Finale! Excited? Me too!

Catch you guys later!


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