Bigg Boss House becomes an Open War Zone! Synopsis, Day 57

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Friendships have been tested quite often on this season of Bigg Boss. While some have passed this proverbial test, there are other relationships which have perished. And once a friendship has come to end, what follows, can only be described as truly disastrous! Such is the case as the contestants welcome a new week of their journey in the Bigg Boss house. What seems to be just another day will soon turn around as the contestants are given an opportunity to amplify the drama levels manifold.

Following their interaction with Salman Khan during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and Aarya’s unexpected exit from the show, the contestants cannot seem to help but be more alert about their surroundings and the conversations which transpire behind their backs. At night, Diandra is seen talking to Renee about Gautam’s behavior pretty much at the same time as Puneet speaks to Dimpy about Diandra and her tactics making it evident that the entire house has been taken over by a strong sense of strategy planning and playing the blame game.

In the morning, as the contestants wake up, the air is thick with anticipation about the upcoming nominations and which of their friends would find themselves at the receiving end of the contestants’ fury. When nominations are announced, captain Gautam is startled when Bigg Boss asks him to choose two housemates whom he would like to save from being nominated for eviction. However, this is not where the twists end. In an unexpected turn of events, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to collectively choose four contestants who they would like to nominate for evictions in the coming week. To say that chaos ensues is a gross understatement. But eventually, the contestants choose the unlucky four that will face the chopping block.

For the latest entry in the Bigg Boss house, Nigaar Khan, it becomes clear that she is in unchartered waters as she finds it difficult to cope with the pros and cons of being on the show. As the day progresses, Ali and Dimpy continue to remain inseparable and Ali, in fact, prefers to spend all his time with her remaining at her beck and call! However, just because he is their captain, doesn’t mean that the contestants are warming up to Gautam. More contestants will be seen turning their back to his captaincy while Praneet continues to retaliate against all things related to his ex-friend. But while the hostility grows, there is a fleeting feeling of attraction that can be seen blooming as Renee is seen hanging to Upen’s every word.

Whatever said and done, there is now a new form of energy as every contestant goes all out with the hope to starting a rebellion in the Bigg Boss house…And, it certainly looks like it’s going to stay that way! Beware, the Bigg Boss house is soon inching towards becoming an Open War Zone. But, how far it will all go and what form it will take. For now, it seems that we are all going to have to wait and watch!

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