Bigg Boss- Halla Bol Gets Their First Captain on Day 5

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The invisible border between the territories of the Champions and the Challengers has created a very deep crack amongst the housemates. As they can only access each other’s areas with use of a visitor’s pass, this has led to discontent amongst different team members due to the need of permission from each other.


If the competition between the Champions and Challengers was not enough, the Champions have been feeling a sense of insecurity amongst their own team. A joke which involves digging up sensitive topics from the past gets into serious disagreements and fights between ex-Champion Gautam and current Champion Ali.


As ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ approaches, it is time to select the first captain of the Bigg Boss – Halla Bol Series. Bigg Boss announces that the Champions should nominate one member to contend for captaincy. After careful deliberation all the Champions settle on the decision to nominate Pritam as the first contender. To compete against Pritam, the Challengers are instructed to elect another member from amongst the Champions. The Challengers unanimously decide that Karishma is their contestant of choice to compete against Pritam for the role of the captain.


This time the captain of the house will have to spin a web around the housemates and hold onto them, ensuring the smooth functioning of the house under their tutelage. This week the contenders for captaincy would have to display their mental and physical strength to prove their worth of becoming a captain by hanging upside down onto a giant spider web. The competition between Pritam and Karishma intensifies, when both hold on to dear life as the spider’s web goes from left to right, swinging in different directions. Finally, unable to bear the pain any longer, Pritam surrenders and concedes defeat.


The meeting of the first captain of the Bigg Boss – Halla Bol was not smooth as Karishma would have hoped, as a fight broke out between arch-nemesis Dimpy Ganguly and Sambhavana Seth. Dimpy and Sambhavana have been at each other’s throats since the latter’s entry on Bigg Boss – Halla Bol. But the tiff reaches a whole new level when the jabs get more and more personal inside the house.


Will their personal differences lead to more confrontations inside the BIgg Boss house? Or would the first captain of Bigg Boss – Halla Bol manage to dismantle the ticking time-bomb?


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