Bigg Boss Googly: Ali's secret task within the task, confused?

posted by Admin, last updated on December 23rd, 2014 at 2:28 pm

Housemates have come and gone, but no body can be a bigger gamer than Bigg Boss himself. Why am I saying this? Well, after bowling the housemates over with the Luxury Budget Task this week, Bigg B called Ali inside the confession room and handed a secret task to him. Basically, while the housemates were supposed to prove, all of Bigg Boss' predictions wrong, Ali was supposed to ensure the predictions came true without him disclosing the same to anybody inside the house. 


It was a very tough call because he had fifteen predictions on his list that had to come true! Ali was seen telling Bigg Boss “Bigg Boss aap mujhe pitwaane ki puri planning mein hain, kal tak main sabhi se pit chuka hounga,"  up as usual with his  nauttanki.  He doesn’t even spare Bigg Boss.  Now, I wonder what predictions would Bigg Boss have about him! *Ehehehe*


So his challenging tasks were to

1. Create additional rifts between Dimpy- Pritam and Gautam-Karishma, 

2. Karishma  attempting to open the book and being caught, 

3. Karishma to do makeup for 90 minutes sitting infront of the mirror, 

4. Upen to get punishment by Sonali for no reason and many more


You think Ali will be caught doing the secret task? For more inside scoop watch tonight’s episode!


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