Bigg Boss gives a piece of advice to the padosis on their given roles!

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In the last episode of Bigg Boss 11 we saw that Bigg Boss gave the neighbors a new challenge telling them they will need to sail through different obstacles in order to become part of the house. For this they were given different roles to enact in front of the gharwaalez, making all of them look like part of one family. Bigg Boss also reminded them that nobody should doubt in the house that someone isn’t part of their family (amongst these four).





Bigg Boss, who is constantly in touch with these four neighbors asks Luv how much prepared are they with their roles?  To which Luv says, they are mentally prepared to be as natural as they can in front of the gharwaalez.





Bigg Boss asks them whether they are ready in a way that the questions that the housemates ask them in absence of any one amongst the four missing, or having being asked separately is the same.  This makes the padosis ponder and realize that they aren’t yet prepared for it.


They all start rehearsing with basic random questions with the common answers they all are supposed to give.


Bigg Boss clearly advised them to be confident and not overconfident!


Screen Shot



Will they be successful in this task? Or some gharwala will get to know that something’s wrong with the so called family?


Stay tuned!

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