Bigg Boss Contestants brush up their Chemistry! Synopsis, Day 61

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To say that the Bigg Boss house is a melting pot of emotions would be an understatement. Whether it be the emotion of coming together or that of being torn apart, the contestants experience it all during their stay in the Bigg Boss house. As Day 61 in the Bigg Boss house kicks off, the contestants wake up to a song that voices their current sentiments…Chahiye Thoda Pyaar! But there is an air of excitement that permeates through the air as the contestants know that today is also the day where the new captain of the house will be elected thereby changing the game once again!

As Puneet and Upen sharpen their fangs to win captaincy for the coming week, Bigg Boss announces an unexpected turn of events. Upen and Puneet will not be alone in their fight for captaincy…the contestants are given the opportunity to collectively choose one more contender or the captaincy. Upen and Puneet who were quite sure that it was going to be all about them are taken aback at this turn of events and even as a fresh discussion takes over the house, realize that the odds are now against them unless they take some drastic decisions to turn the tables in their favour.

When Bigg Boss finally announces the captaincy task titled ‘Qurbani’, the air is fresh with the smell of love, friendship and sacrifice as the contestants are asked to sacrifice their personal belongings in support of the candidate that they would like to see as captain. The catch, of course, is that the items sacrificed will be removed from the house making the contestants give great thought to which candidate is worth the effort of moving on in the game while they grapple to survive without their essentials.

As stress prevails, two contestants find the time to rekindle their feeling towards each other. Gautam and Diandra spend some quality time together mingling and speaking about their respective personalities. In fact, while talking to Diandra in the bathroom area, Gautam asks her to apologize to him in front of the cameras and proceeds to give her a tight hug when she gives in. They continue chatting up with each other and the two spend some quality time with each other while cozying up behind the living room couch. While this is situation on one side, Cupid is also keeping a close watch on Upen and Sonali as their attraction grew. Most need music to groove, but Upen and Sonali are seen dancing closely near the kitchen counter ignorant of everything else that is going on around them.

Having successfully completed this week’s luxury budget task ‘Gautam City’, it is finally time for the contestants to reap their rewards. The contestants are given an opportunity to use their mouths for something other than talking and fighting as they pick up food items with their mouth and pass it to another contestant. Use of hands is strictly prohibited! While at first the contestants are apprehensive, they soon look at the fun side of it all as they are forced to overcome their awkward feelings for the sake of some luxuries that will make the coming week a little more tolerable! Some surprises and some punishments later, let’s just say that the contestants now have more things to worry about than ever before!

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