Bigg Boss captaincy task: Who will become the best cyclist out of Hiten, Benafsha and Puneesh?

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on November 3rd, 2017 at 1:38 pm

Tonight’s captaincy task will bring in a lot of entertainment! For the task chosen by the Bigg Boss makers for the housemates is very exciting!





So the three contenders for tonight’s competition are – Benafsha, Hiten and Puneesh. As per the task, there will be three special bicycles fixed in the garden area which will also keep moving sideways as the rider rides it. Each competitor will be required to sit on the cycle and keep riding it till the end without taking a break or leaving the bicycle for a moment. There will also be a signal which would turn red at different intervals. Each cyclist would be required to drink a glass of water during these intervals while remaining seated on their bikes, and start riding again as soon as the signal turns green!





This clearly means that even during an emergency of nature’s call one needs to prove how long one can remain seated. Really difficult isn’t it?





So controlling all of that, one who stays on the bicycle for the longest duration becomes the winner!



Who do you think can go to any lengths to win this task?




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