Bigg Boss announces Aakhri Mauka for the task!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 28th, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Almost one and half days of the task were over, but post last evening,the task had come to a standstill. Bigg Boss hence announced that both the teams should once again start taking the task more seriously and focus towards its completion. Bigg Boss also mentioned that only some more time was left in order to do so. This got both the teams to be more alert to push the game further.


The two teams were seen brain storming on what to do and what not to do next. In fact, there came a time when I caught both the teamssleeping. I could actually hear Ali snore. Karishma, who wasn’t that sleepy walked slowly towards Pritam’s team, who was leaning on the bench with the plaques right under him, hidden! She hid behind Pritam’s back when suddenly Ali opened his eyes to find her standing right there and alarmed Pritam about her. That’s how smart Ali is, who only plays the games when it comes to the tasks leaving aside all his buffonery. Hmmm…I remember he once said “Iss joker ke peeche kaafi serious aadmi hai”


As the day got over, it became even vague to fathom who had high chances of winning. I am still extremely confused.


Can you help me?


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