Bigg Boss 9, Day 88: A twist in the Ticket To Finale task!

posted by Bigg Boss Khabri, last updated on January 7th, 2016 at 2:44 pm

After the sandy task got over, three of the contestants qualified-Prince, Mandana and Kishwer for the next round. By now, I bet they all probably know that the road ahead isn't going to be an easy ride.

In the next task three of them will have to stand on their given platforms with a buzzer and will have to wait patiently for the next bomb to be thrown their way by Bigg Boss. They will be given three options and depending on what they chose, they will win or loose in the game.

A) If out of three, one person presses the buzzer first, he\she will be out of the game and will have stay in the house as a normal contestant.

B) If the person presses the buzzer second, he/she will be out of the house and on the screen Bigg Boss will project a total sum of Rs.6,33,333.

(C) If the person presses the buzzer third i.e last then he/she will directly get the ‘ticket to the finale’.

Well, this task is going to be tough and all the three would have to give in their best to enter the finale at this stage of the show. Well, who will use their brains and who will leave the game in this task that only time will tell. However, the one to remain will proceed further towards the road to finale. This is a lucrative game that Bigg Boss is playing with the contestants with money as the motivating factor behind it. So who will decide to walkout with the money and who will proceed in the game; To find out, do watch the next episode.

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