Bigg Boss 9, Day 59: Kishwer-Mandana rivalry is back!

posted by Kinjal Sampat, last updated on December 9th, 2015 at 2:27 pm

In the recent days it kind of seemed like that Kishwer and Mandana were forgetting their rifts and moving on. But this Bhoot Bangla task had some other plan altogether for the both of them.

During Day 1 of the task Kishwer was in the Ghosts team and Mandana in the Humans team. All seemed well while the ghosts were trying to distract the humans. But then Kishwer was onto Mandana and kept following her. It didn’t stop there! She was playing with her hair continuously and distracting her.

While Mandana was washing the dishes, Kishwer came to her and kept messing with her hair and even took off her hairband. Mandana reached her boiling point but without saying a word but pushed her back. Kishwer, at that very instant, ran to Keith and told him that Mandana pushed her and violated the rules. 

After this when Mandana was talking to other members of her team that Kishwer was doing wrong, then Kishwer shouted and told her to speak in front rather than behind her back. 

So will Mandana lose points for her actions? Or did Kishwer take it too far? Find out on the next episode.

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