Bigg Boss 9, Day 16: Bigg Boss's task goes social!

posted by Bigg Boss Khabri, last updated on October 27th, 2015 at 2:17 pm

It’s time to toss old friendships out the window and form new associations in the third week of Bigg Boss. It looks like the contestants have taken Babaji’s advice too seriously and have decided to change sides and form new alliances in the house. Convenient or to put it bluntly, some of the housemates are turning out to be quite ‘dalbadlus’. There is such a  dramatic change in attitudes, that I was absolutely astounded to see how quick people can let go off old ties. I am sure by now, you must be dying to know what I am talking about, so here’s a little peek into what all is going on in the house.

Kishwer, who is the captain this week was as usual seen throwing her weight around and acting all ‘so’ bossy. There was a new task given by Bigg Boss to our dearest housemates called the ‘friends page’. And guess who all were part of the task? Our very own desi boyz Prince and Suyyash, and the best part or the cleverest, I must say was the fact they were vetted against each other. The task which took place in the garden area had the two fighting for the attention of their contenders so that they became their friends. They had to write really cheesy statuses to get their housemates’ attention. Haha!  Both Suyyash and Prince had to go to great lengths to get people onboard their friends list. With captaincy at stake and the risk of nomination, the two tried their level best to get as many people on their respective teams. No task is fun without a little twist and Bigg Boss surely assured that there was a slight twist here too. Both of them could block each other’s friends and unblock them only after giving them punishment. What an idea! Nothing comes for free and this task proved that.

And guess who took on the ‘Sanchalak’ role during the task? Well! It was our very own captain of the house, Kishwer. No role is easy and sanchalak’s is definitely not! And Kishwer definitely found herself in quite a soup. With her boyfriend on one side, and her brother on the other, Kishwer had some tough decision making to do.  Whose side will Kishwer finally take? To see how Kishwer manages through all the confusion and sentiments, don’t forget to catch Bigg Boss today at 10:30PM.

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