Bigg Boss 11: Different kinds of 'Padosis' we have!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on September 26th, 2017 at 3:35 pm

We can love them, we can hate them but never ignore them! Yes, it’s all about the people residing in our neighborhood whom we fondly call as our ‘Padosis’!


What news could be better than knowing that this time Bigg Boss 11 is talking about padosis!, seems like the neighbors are going to play a major role in the Bigg Boss house this season, that too different kinds of neighbors! But what exactly is going to happen in the most entertaining house this time? And why the season is themed around ‘neighbors’ is yet to be revealed.


Hold on to your excitement until 1st October when the show gets launched.


Till then we bring you a list of the kinds of neighbors we find-


The borrower – This is a popular category, many of us must be familiar with these kinds of people, who would always fall short of something or the other. They would often ring our bells for – sugar, milk, water or may be your favorite outfit they have their eyes on since long! Don’t you agree?



The nosy ones - Everyone else’s business is for sure their business! They have nothing other to do than watching you all day. They would keep an eye on you when and where you go.  Every time they meet you would end up asking about your personal life.





Those who always cry – Yeah, so this category is for them who always find a reason to crib for everything. Whether it’s their son who doesn’t score a 90% or the daughter for whom there is no suitable match. Psst psst…


Too loud – If you wake up with a sudden jolt early in the morning just to realize it’s your next door neighbor talking to their relative in Amriicaaa….






The creepy ones – That static look always on their face giving you a feeling if they could be a serial killer?! *Ehehehe*


The rude neighbor – You would think ten times before approaching them! Knowing their nature, you would avoid reaching out to them until and unless it’s a matter of life and death.





The ‘Phoren’ (foreign) returns – Show offs, show offs and more show offs! Every time you bump into them they wouldn’t forget mentioning about the branded shoes they bought for 25 grands or that golden watch that’s too expensive and they only shop in Paris, London etc….


Who hate kids – Who would always complain about the cranky child in their neighbor because of whom they can’t sleep!  And dare if you are 10 years old and your cricket ball goes inside their house, never to be returned ever!





The inconsiderate ones – Leaving their houses with lights, water on. Most annoying of all, leaving the main gate open!


Disciplined ones – Your mothers would always talk about how the family next door goes for their yoga classes, or morning walks every day without fail! Fortunately they cite perfect examples of being truly successful in their respective careers as well! Woah!





The perfect boy or girl in your neighborhood – They are simply 10 on 10. Be it looks, intelligence or the cultural fest that happens in the society they excel in everything! Having number of secret admirers in neighborhood who would wait whole day just for their one glimpse.


Over-friendly – Whether you need them or no, they would just wait for you to say a simple hi! They would be ever ready to accompany you till the grocery store.  You usually keep mum in front of such people and let them do the talking!





Normal and likable – These are the people we love to interact with, with whom we share the same wavelength. It’s always pleasant to meet them and exchange a few conversations. Manier times we reach out to them for a friendly advice too!


Stay tuned for Bigg Boss11, first day first show on 1st of October at 9 PM!

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