Big Boss House turns into a 'Museum'

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The new luxury budget task for this week is named –Museum. A Museum, wherein you find ancient antiques in numbers, good enough to make them all stunned. The rules of the tast are to have two teams; the team of thiefs and the team of security guards. Ali, Praneet and Karishma are the burglars, while rest of the housemates are the security guards ensuring the safety of the Museum. The burglars would steal the items secretly and keep in the store room while leaving the signature mark on the place where the item has been robbed from. The security guards will have to move all around the museum, keeping a close watch on them. Two special guards are to be posted near the garden area to keep an eye on the monitor screening everything that is happening inside the house.



Yes! Truly challenging for the chors, who would do the stealing. Guidelines of the task also ensured no guard stayed at one place and is constantly moving. If the burglar is caught and is found guilty, he can be put in the prison inside the house and could be freed if he agreed the terms given by the security guards. In case the burglar claims not to be guilty, he can convince the house captain about him being innocent and accordingly convince him to be released. There can only be one thief in the prison at a time.


Pritam was given the responsibility to keep a track of everything that happens during the task. Anybody could come to him for clarification and justice. Also the two special guards at monitor could change shifts as per convenience but the place was not supposed to be left without a guard.The burglars could obly steal the most precious item, ‘Diamond’ only after the rest of the antiques are stolen!


Big Boss indicated that this task would not only affect captaincy and nominations but something good for the next week too!  


Interested to know what happened more?


Stay tuned!


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