Big Boss gives Bonanza offer to Praja!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 19th, 2014 at 1:11 pm

As ‘His Majesty’ relaxed in his ‘Aaraamgrah’ Bigg Boss called Praneet to give a secret task for the Praja giving them have an advantage to revolt against all the ‘Atyaachaar’ becoming the true rebellion against the Dictator.As per that task the praja were given four secret duties – Hide a secret black box inside the room of the dictator, move his statue and destroy it, spoil the posters put up everywhere in the city by applying black colour and plant a smoke bomb inside His Majesty's room. Knowing the fact that Puneet and Dimpy have constant eye on their activities.Praneet tried communicating about the task to all as confidentially as he could.


All of a sudden the game suddenly changed when the housemates geared up to take revenge from the dictator! Oh what unity was seen at that point in time! Little did they know that Gautam was watching everything happening on his television.However,he was unaware of the secret task that was happening simultaneously! What’s going to happen? Will this task turn ugly or will this reuslt in something really good and unexpected?!


Watch what happens next in Gautam city!


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