Big Boss Anthem - In making!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 22nd, 2014 at 3:19 pm

Fridays are the most lazy days for inmates.They hardly bother about their looks and national tv appearances. So, this week while were just being themselves; absolutely laid back when Big Boss, after realizing that they were just killing time, gave them homework. Housemates were asked to compose ‘Big Boss Anthem’ where Gautam was to be the lead composer. An anthem to have its original tune and rhythem, in fact they were even offered some musical instruments to make the composition. Giving an example like how Gautam made the his own Anthem – We love, we love Gauti!


Ali and Puneet helped Gautam with several suggestions. They were asked to have everyone’s name and most importantly Salman Khan’s name included in the anthem. But I secretly saw Gautam helping in the direction part of the final video too. Oh wow!! I am really excited to watch what comes up as a final presentation for the audience. But will the housemates like Gautam’s composition?Ah! Not too sure,I heard few of them bitching about him.


But Gautam would only be excited about Salman Khan’s reactions. Did he like the song? Watch the tonight!


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