Bharti's crazy antics is what makes the show a roller coaster ride! Check out some top moments from Comedy Night Bachao!

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Bharti is known for her funny antics so whether it be hugging, forcibly kissing or jumping on a celebrities' lap, Bharti's sense of humor is what keeps everyone on their toes. Throughout the last few months, these very acts of Bharti have become a synonym with her name. So, here let's have  a look of the most adorable moments of Bharti from Comedy Nights Bachao.

When Salman Khan paid a visit on the sets of Comedy Nights Bachao during the promotions of the movie Hero, Bharti was seen jumping onto  Salman's lap and giving him a kiss. Salman on seeing Bharti told her that the sooner she gives him a kiss, the sooner she will get up from his lap. Ouchies..! We bet Salman must have felt the weight. (2)

Bharti was seen serenading SRK to the song 'chaahat' when he had come to promote his movie 'Dilwale'. Bharti who had a rose placed in her mouth, danced while singing the song and walked up to the big golden throne and flirted with him. (4)

During the same episode of dilwale, Bharti partially draped a saree around SRK and was seen dancing with him on the song 'gerua'. Lucky girl! (5)

This girl can do anything! When Ranveer and Deepika had come for the promotions of Bajirao Mastani, you should have seen the way Bharti was trying to seduce Ranveer Singh. She danced to the song 'ang laga de' and tried her utter best to woo him. (6)

Randeep Hooda who had come for the promotions of the movie Main aur Charles also couldn't escape Bharti's clutches. She was seen dancing to the song 'jab chaye tera jadoo' and got Randeep pretty embarassed my the entire episode that he was seen trying to run away from it.

Do stay tuned to more such crazy antics by Bharti Singh on Comedy Nights Bachao every Saturday at 10PM. 

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