Bhaiyaji's Downfall Has Begun!

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on February 20th, 2015 at 1:44 pm

In today’s episode we will see how Chakor once again stood vindicated against Bhaiyaji’s all evil plans. 

Chakor and Vivaan escaped unhurt from the circle of fire that Manohar had created, when the villagers suceeded in ceasing the fire. Ranjhana is fuming in anger and simmering in retribution as she learned about Vivaan being in the circle of fire along with Chakor. She decides to take maximum advantage of this situation and with all the political motives on her mind arrives in the village and announces her full support to the movement. 

She announces that she has given Vivaan the freedom of being a part of this movement. Bhaiyaji gets to hear about the unity and togetherness of not only the kids, women but also the rational men have come forward and shown their support in favor of Chakor. The ‘Satyagrah’ now is being covered by media and Bhaiyaji foresees his defeat and downfall.

Will the purpose behind the stirring revolt created by Chakor see the light of the day? What will be Bhaiyyaji's next step? 

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