Best Performances from Week 2 #IGT

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on April 28th, 2015 at 5:43 pm

Week 2 brought in a storm of power-packed entertainment for the viewers of India’s Got Talent. The talents had different genres, were absolutely fresh, some were unique in their own way whereas some remained exceptional!


Here’s a glimpse of the best performances from the week –



1. Karlos from South America did some real macho stunt on ‘ the Wheel of Death’. The sight was so startling that the judges were awestruck! Have a look!
2.  Helios Angels act by Yogi's Angels was so beautiful that it looked no less than a fairy tale.
3. Aerial dance performance by the siblings Jyoti and Vinayak impressed the judges. Their inquisitiveness to learn and excel, led them to the IGT platform.
4.  Rahul Kharwa came up with a stunning dance performance inside a ring, something never seen before! Amused judges couldn’t stop praising him in front of his proud parents.
5. Ele-Angels came up with a new style of dance called ‘Whacking Style’. They performed on the current peppy number ‘Chittiyan Kalaaiyan’. The young girls styled their hair plaits and even used it as props in certain moves which was loved by Malaika! She even praised the girls saying their act resembled very close to glamorous girls Rihanna and Beyonce.
6. X1X group showcased their talent on stage for the first time, but this wasn’t just a dance but a blend of passion, dedication, devotion and hard work all put together. Everything paid off when the three judges stood up to give standing ovation for their stupendous performance!



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