Best of Week 1 on Bigg Boss 10!

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On Bigg Boss 10, the game is between Celebrities and Indiawale. Week 1 was filled with exciting and entertaining twists and lots of drama! Here are some unforgettable moments…


Priyanka Jagga gave a tough time to everyone!




Priyanka Jagga knows exactly how to be in the limelight! She was the first one to disturb the peace of the house in Bigg Boss 10 by picking fights with Bani & criticizing the food right on Day 1. She did not miss a single opportunity to put the Sevaks in a tough spot. Be it wrongly linking her up with the secrets during Raaz Karya or doing the chores, she troubled all. How can we forget that ugly fight between her and Rohan! Priyanka Jagga went all out for 'Rocking Toy Horse' task and it didn't matter if she had to pee right there. 'Jeet ke liye kuch bhi jaiz hai' attitude!


Manu Punjabi crossed swords with the Celebrities on numerous occasions.


PIC 14


Manu Punjabi has been making most of his Maalik position in the house, be it criticizing the food by calling it ‘Vahiyaat’ or locking horns with the Celebrities on every possible occasion. He even kept them awake till late by not sleeping himself & got into one of the nastiest fights with Rohan Mehra. Earlier he was on normal terms with Lopamudra but got into a fight with her as well.


Om Swami got on to everyone’s nerves.




Om Swami is on a different mode altogether! He told everyone an unbelievable story about how he started speaking as soon as he was born! In the middle of the night he woke up the Celebrities and asked them to serve food so that he could take medicine. Lopamudra was supporting him out of respect but he got into an unbelievable argument with her. Even as the Indiawale chose to send him to jail, he continued with his ranting and bugged Monalisa, who was also in the jail with him. Recently he was seen stealing a deo.


Lokesh Kumari turned out to be an entertaining personality in the house with her broadcasts as the ‘Dhinchak’ reporter.




Lokesh has been entertaining everyone in the house as well as audiences by her broadcasts as ‘Dhinchak’! Here are some of her unforgettable lines…

Despite this funny streak in her, Lokesh comes across as an absolutely no non sense and upfront person.


Karan Mehra and Priyanka Jagga celebrated Karva Chauth




Karan Mehra had observed the fast for Karva Chauth. Everyone in the house found it really cute. But it was a real surprise when Bigg Boss gave a special gift to him and Priyanka. Karan couldn’t hold back and allowed his emotions to flow. Priyanka performed the Pooja and took blessings from Om Swami.




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