Bakool's Life Gets More Complicated On 'Bhaag Bakool Bhaag'

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on May 22nd, 2017 at 5:04 pm

Bakool’s life took a drastic turn when he found out that he had two wives. His boss Ranjeet married him off to his daughter Sheena and later, his Baa introduced him to Jigna who also turned out to be his wife. It was revealed that Jigna and Bakool got married when they were very young. This has created a whole slew of problems for Bakool as he is an honest, good man who doesn’t want to cheat or ruin lives of either of these women so he tries his best to live two separate lives with them and keep them happy which ends up with him being stuck in the most hilarious situations.



Previously on the show, we saw how Bakool tried to tell Jigna the truth about him being married to Sheena and that he can’t accept this marriage since child marriage is not right. In a hilarious moment, Bakool found out that Jigna had been asleep and didn’t listen to a word he said. Harry told Bakool that he should be with Jigna if she is good but Bakool said he didn’t want to ruin any lives.



After a conversation with Juhi where Bakool was trying to comfort her, Sheena showed up and thought Bakool was flirting with Juhi. She screamed his name as Bakool stood in shock. In the coming episodes we will see how Ranjeet tries to make Bakool do something for Sheena but as usual, it doesn’t end well for Bakool as he tries to find a way to keep both Jigna & Sheena happy.




How will Sheena react? Is Bakool going to attempt to tell the truth to Jigna again?



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