Awww Alert! When Ranvir helped Ishani drape a sari #MATSH

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Ranvir and Ishani’s love affair has always been full of romance, drama and too much of awwness! Their way of showing love to each other, even while fighting are some of the cute moments we really look forward to. But lest we forget draping a sari has become such an important aspect of their relationship! Knowing that Ishani doesn’t know the art of wearing a sari, Ranvir takes full advantage of the fact and steals some intimate moments each time he tries to help her don the garment. Let’s check out some such aww moments!


First Timers: The very first time Ranvir tried helping Ishani in wearing a sari the two couldn't help but blush. Ranvir in a naughty mood and Ishani in awkwardness! At that moment we knew this sari-draping session is going to be a tradition of sorts!
Sari ke FALL Sa Moment: Not only has Ranvir helped Ishani wear a sari but there came a time when she in an intoxicated state asked him to help remove the garment. Like a true gentleman Ranvir shut his eyes before helping Ishani and the moment he did, time came to a still!
Ranvir the stylist: We know that RV excels in everything he puts his hands in but such class job in putting up 'Gujarati' style pallu. What a talent! Even while these two fight, Ranvir just knows how to steal her attention. Now don't you all girls wish you had a boyfriend/husband like Ranvir? Aah, lucky Ishani!
Check out some more of such 'cutely-draping-sari-to-come-close' moments between Ishvir and fill your weekends with such romance!

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