Avenge her mother's death or fulfill her duty as a wife, what will Chandrakanta choose?

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Be ready this weekend as the Chandrakanta tale will get even more exciting!





You will watch how Ratnaprabha’s sister, Vishakha helps Chandrakanta in finding the ‘Tilismi Khanjar’ before Iravati and Bhadrama reaches the scene. Vishakha has been constantly encouraging Chandrakanta to take revenge from Iravati for her mother’s death and for that it’s important that she finds the ‘Tilismi Khanjar’ without wasting more time.






Around the same time Chandrakanta will find out that Veer is missing. Once again queen Iravati through her magic has seized Veer inside a bubble, he cannot be seen with bare eyes but can only be heard calling out for help.






Not to forget Chandrakanta’s own safety from the beast sent by Gehna.






So much happening, all together!


How will Chandrakanta manage things?


Most importantly what will she choose? Fulfilling her duties as a daughter or a wife?


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